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IOS Penetration Testing


Download :

password : 12345


check if your device is connected : ideviceinfo

List apps running :

frida-ps -Uai

Check App

frida-trace -U <AppName> -m "-[NSURL* *HTTP*]"


run frida-ps -Uai then objection -g <Identifier> explore

ios info binary

ls then ios plist cat Info.plist

dump password from safari :

ios nsurlcredentialstorage dump

Check for creds

ios keychain dump

ssl pinning

ios sslpinning disable

Search for last research

ios nsuserdefaults get and check RecentWebSearches

ios cookies get

List module in memory

memory list modules

memory list exports <module_name>

Hooking on class

ios hooking watch class iGoat_Swift.PlistStorageExerciseViewController

Hooking on method

ios hooking watch method "-[iGoat_Swift.BinaryCookiesExerciseVC verifyItemPressed]" --dump-args --dump-backtrace --dump-return